Saturday, February 9, 2008

An Early Valentine Wish

I want to wish all my regular readers a very Happy Valentine's Day and if this is your first visit an appreciative welcome and I do hope all of you will come see me again in a couple of weeks. Yes, it is a little early for Valentine wishes, but I am leaving the blog world behind for just a little while to stay with my little grandbaby girl, Ms. Lily. My daughter's maternity leave is up and daycare arrangements aren't fully in place so "Grammy" is going to stay with Ms. Lily. You know all the fun we're going to have! I'll be sure to come by everyone's nook, crannie, farm, little house, fishing pond and the like when I return.
I will miss all of you and look forward to stopping by for a visit real soon.

Meanwhile I wish all of you a Happy Valentine's Day
filled with lots of love and pink fluffy clouds to guide your way.
Watch out for cupid -
I hear when his arrows get you you're a 'gonner.'


fishing guy said...

I hope you have a great time with the beautiful Ms. Lily. Your pictures will be missed.

Tara said...

Enjoy your time!!