Monday, March 30, 2015

Wild Turkeys

This time of year the wild turkeys in the nearby woods start to wander out into the open. I had been keeping a lookout for them and this past Thursday I caught my first glimpse of them. There were four of them. By the time I got my camera they had passed the window. In this shot I was looking out the side of the window. You can see the turkey in the background has changed her direction and is heading back the way she came.
Something had scared them and they were hurriedly trotting back toward the woods. Shooting through the window at fast trotting turkeys is not the ideal photo shoot but I got a couple of shots to say they were here. Hoping Mr. Gobbler is somewhere near and that he and the ladies will be back soon.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Good Fences and Some Reflections

Theresa is always saying 'put a fence in front of it'. Here we are looking down at the local Little Kanawha River behind my favorite type of fence. I'm always drawn to barbed wire fences. I like their rustic nature. They do their job and aren't so obtrusive to the landscape.  How many of you have ever heard this quote by Sophia Loren? It makes me smile.
"A woman's dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view."


I zoomed in on the river below. In the top left of the photo where you see the white branches of some sycamore trees notice how muddy the river is from the recent snowmelt. You can tell by the skyline in the first shot that the sky wasn't spectacular that day. There was enough sunlight to reflect the color of the sky in the very muddy river and give some color to the otherwise drab view.

Last week I posted two photos of a recent sunset (here). Here is another view of the sunset as reflected in the gazing ball in my front yard. The photo isn't as sharp as I'd like and the ball was somewhat dirty but I like how it turned out.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Skies

It's been a lovely few days in my little world. We have had mild temperatures and sunshine. While out yesterday mailing a birthday card to my brother I took the long way home and as I rounded a familiar curve along the ridge of the mountain I saw this tall brown grass that made a nice contrast to the lovely blue sky overhead. Usually there are horses in the field but there were none on this day. 
The evening of our seventy degree day Monday the sky was gorgeous. I had been in the kitchen and as I started to other parts of the house I could see a soft pink glow coming through the windows and falling on the curtains. Grabbed the camera and went outside. The best part of sunsets doesn't last long. The colors were brilliant. I can't ask for better than to stand in my front yard and see this spectacular view.

The colors became more subdued as the sun sank. (Believe it or not my garden fence is barely visible in the lower left of this photo. )

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Wild Birds: Eastern Towhee

To quote the Cornell Lab,"The Eastern Towhee is a strikingly marked, oversized sparrow of the East, feathered in bold black and warm reddish-browns – if  you can get a clear look at it. Eastern Towhees are birds of the undergrowth, where their rummaging makes far more noise than you would expect for their size. Their chewink calls let you know how common they are, but many of your sightings end up mere glimpses through tangles of little stems."
For the better part of a year that is exactly how I saw this bird. It would feed on the ground under a feeder that had a bush beside of it. I would try to take a photo looking through my window and down at the ground. Rarely it would sit on a nearby wisteria branch too far away for a very good photo. Last March was my first encounter with the Towhee. I had been feeding the birds for seven years and hadn't seen one until then.  I watched one come and go and again it stayed pretty much in the undergrowth. I think I got one good photo last March.
These past few weeks I caught glimpses again of this pretty little bird. That was until the twelve plus inches of snow a couple of weeks ago. With the ground covered there was nothing for it to do except follow the cardinals and blue jays and fly up to the feeder and deck rails. AND, I was able to count four together at one time. Since the snow is gone now and the temperature has risen (70 degrees on Monday) I haven't seen any but it is nice to know they are around. I enjoyed their company and know I'll see them again.

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