Sunday, December 9, 2007

On My Porch

I invite you to open the little red gate and step upon my porch. Come on in out of the snow.
When my husband and I were searching for a new home in West Virginia we drove around many areas trying to find the “spot” we could call home. It didn’t seem to matter where we went or which neighborhood or town we were in they all had one thing in common. There always seemed to be a little grapevine or alpine tree or trees on the front porch. They all looked so homey. I saw log cabins, ranch houses, and townhouses with trees. The idea crossed lines too between the wealthy and not so wealthy. In Virginia my neighbors would have thought I was crazy to have a Christmas tree up all year. But here in the mountains, I knew I wanted one.
When my husband and I walked into the house we eventually bought there was a fully decorated alpine tree in the corner with a small welcome sign underneath. I heard my husband say to the realtor as he came in, “A Christmas Tree?” The realtor explained that the homeowner called it her hope tree.
I’m beginning the winter season with one on my front porch decorated in snowmen, snowflakes, mittens and tin stars. I figure I’m good till about February when I’ll leave on the ever popular tin stars and I’ll exchange the snowmen and such for hearts for Valentine’s Day and then come Easter…well, you get the idea. Oh, the possibilities!!!!

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fishing guy said...

Carletta: I really like the idea of the little sled standing beside the tree. It seems you are really happy with the move back to WV.