Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday's Nature Notes

Sky Watch is here: Carletta's Captures

Michelle of Rambling Woods has started a new meme called Nature Notes. In her words Michelle states "I’d really like to know how my blogger friends observe about nature. Post a photo..a poem..artwork or a few words about what you see, how you felt and maybe something you hadn’t paid any attention to before."

It was a beautiful day in my world Tuesday morning. The sun was shining brightly through the sliding glass doors in my sunroom where I do my blogging. I decided to open them up and let the fresh air blow in through the screen door. I could hear the wind whistle through the trees in the nearby woods.
As I sat visiting my favorite bloggers I heard the distinctive sound of nature calling - singing actually. It was a cardinal and the first I had heard this year. I had been watching them all winter but with the house closed up to the cold I hadn't heard them sing. I wondered where he was and glanced first out my sunroom window toward the bird feeder. There above it in the oak tree sat a cardinal. I grabbed my camera and started focusing through the glass. I wasn't sure if he was the one until I watched him singing away and I snapped the photo. I tried to get his mouth open but by the time I snapped each time he had stopped.

Not minutes later I was at Michelle's blog and read of her new endeavor and decided this would be my first post in her new meme. Later still while waiting for Hubs at the hardware store I started thinking about what to write and was hoping a poem might come to mind. The following is my attempt written on an old envelope I found in Hubs truck as I waited. It was a quick write and isn't Emily Dickinson but it's what I got.

The Cardinal Sings

He sat stately in the tree.
His voice I heard
Filtering down to me.
All winter I had watched him
Feeding on the seeds
There beneath the oak.
Here now he greeted me.
How did he know my needs?
I listened as he spoke.
Spring is here.
Oh, the joy
Oh, the hope.

Go by and check out others who are participating. Click the badge in my post and it will take you to Michelle's where you can find the rules. I'm sure you'll want to join in. Tell Michelle I sent you.


Thom said...

Great Poem Carletta. This is one of my favorite times of the year winter leaving and spring beginning. Being here in Nevada with my mom I can see the joy of being able to open up the doors and windows. Back home in Hawaii, they are always open and I tend to take it for granted. It's refreshing to see the pictures and the stories about this time of year. Good work.

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you Carletta..I love the post and especially the poem. I have one male cardinal singing his heart out and I hope he finds a mate... Michelle

quilly said...

This sounds like a fun group to join, but I have filled all my time up and can stretch it any further or I'm what's going to snap! (Some say it is already too late!)

You picked a great photo to start with and I think everyone can relate to the longing for Spring.

Leora said...

I feel the joy and the hope of the cardinal through your poem! It's sweet. I have taken a bunch of nature photos lately, and I am going to look forward to Michelle's meme so I can share with other nature lovers. Glad you are joining in, with your prose, photos and poetry.

Neal said...

That is a great shot. That's a really neat poem.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Beautiful picture and poem, Carletta.
You are such a creative person.
I love listening to the birds in the mornings. It kinda gives you a happy feeling, bright and early.

Finding Pam said...

Carletta, I am so glad that you joined this meme. Your poem is lovely and I especially enjoyed your photo of the cardinal.

I feel blessed because there are two pairs of cardinals at my feeder.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. Wonderful to meet you!

Jientje said...

What a great morning you had!!
Thanks for sharing it with us!
It's a BEAUTIFUL day here as well, I just snapped my first picture of a bumblebee!

Kerri said...

Carletta, this is beautiful!
Oustanding post!

JunieRose2005 said...

Love the cardinal and the words of the poem too!

I have a lot of Cardinals around - :0 and I also wrote a poem about them! (ha- are you surprised? )


Diane C. said...

Beautiful red cardinal in the tree. Sweet poem about how the cardinal told you spring is here. I must check out the new Nature Notes. Thanks for stopping by and happy skywatching!

Raven said...

Oh the joy, oh the hope! Lovely! And a wonderful photo. It's funny that just before I headed over here, I could hear a cardinal somewhere in the far distance and was wishing I could see him or her. Now I know the words to the song. Lovely post.

Rebecca Lynch Photography said...

Nice site. Congrats on being Blog of Note.

MyMaracas said...

Great first entry. Cardinals are such pretty birds, and their song is enchanting. How creative to accompany your photo with a poem! This meme is inspiring all kinds of things already.


blog of note!

Writer said...

Thank you for such wonderful posts and congrats on being a blog of note.

Janice Thomson said...

Oh Carletta that was so delightful - really enjoyed your little poem!
Wish we had those beauties here.

Rebecca Lynch Photography said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. As soon as I get stuff done for some shows that I have coming up I will get back to the records project. Keep checking back for updates.

SRG said...

nice wok

~Cheryl said...

Congratulations for creating a Blog of Note! Your notes go along beautifully with your photos!

Rose said...

Nice capture and very nice post!

ROSIDAH said...

Hi, Carletta! I just noticed that your blog here was Blog of Notes on this day. Congrats :).

Celeste said...

Great post, the Cardinals are so beautiful and very vocal now too.

Carver said...

I love your poem, photograph and descriptive notes. The cardinals have been singing to me too. I love their song.