Saturday, March 21, 2009

Raven's Wordzzle Challenge

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Time again for Raven's Wordzzle. Anyone new to the challenge can go here for more information.

Here is my mini offering this week with all words in a single sentence:

After fighting through his inner demons and rewriting his transcript three times, Kingdom Come was ecstatic that his new novel Take Names had become a best seller.

And here is my ten word offering for this week:
(With a nod to Jay S. all the words -following the dialogue- are in the order Raven gave them in.)

“Sorry Keith; but that isn’t correct said Mr. Taylor. Who can help Keith out?”
“I can Mr. Taylor said Johnny.”
“By all means Mr. Baker you may proceed.”
Very eloquently Johnny recited, “Pluralism is a condition in which numerous distinct ethnic, religious, or cultural groups are present and tolerated within a society.”
“Well done Johnny” Mr. Taylor praised.
Where was the humanity of always being in the shadow of someone else? Why didn’t good fortune and karma ricochet off that person and onto you and help bring you out into the spotlight Keith thought! He couldn’t understand what was so wrong about his not understanding pluralism. They had only started studying it yesterday! Oh, but Mr. Social Studies himself, Johnny Baker, had probably studied all night as usual to be THE STUDENT with all the answers.
Long ago in an elementary mathematics class Keith knew he would never shine as brightly in the classroom as Johnny Baker. Johnny always had all the answers, all the CORRECT answers. Johnny had come into his own personhood early in life. Keith expected that when Johnny started kindergarten that the printing press at the local paper probably ran all night turning out the next morning’s edition with news that the local school had a boy genius on their hands. It was true that Johnny had always been at the top of the class and Keith just behind him never able to surpass the intelligence of Johnny.
Keith sat staring out the window, a smile slowly spreading across this face. He imagined Johnny sitting somewhere someday in a psychologists office looking at some ink spot that reminded him of cheerleader pom poms and wondering why he had joined the Choral Society instead of trying out for football. The thought made Keith feel better and he could hardly wait for the afternoon bell to ring and football practice to begin.

Just in case you're missing winter. NOT! :)


Dr.John said...

Great story. Now I know why Keith never did like me and I tried so hard to be his friend.
I've never tried keeping the words in order that seems like fun.
Your characters and storyline are so real. Congratulations.

Raven said...

Whoo hooo! Standing up and cheering. Two magnificent offerings. I've never had the courage to try doing the words in order.... or more correctly, I've thought about it, tried and given up almost as quickly as I started. The one sentence mini was perfect and the long story was human and wonderful.

Oh... and I don't miss winter even a little (it's still very cold here), but I LOVE your beautiful collage.

Thom said...

Magnificent Carletta. I would have never thought to do the words in order. Great job and the stories of the two boys ... it just seems so real life to me I can picture it happening. The pictures were great also but from your earlier posts this week I'm glad spring is here :)

Fandango said...

Wow! A new idea. All the words in order. You did it so well.
We felt sorry for Keith and if we hadn't promised we would have eaten that smartalec question answerer.
This was impressive.
We will look at it again after 6:00 when we decide which blog has the wordzzle for the day.

Akelamalu said...

I love the way you got the meaning of pluralism in, I struggled with it and I'm not sure I even used it in the right context! :(

Using the words in the order they were given is adding another dimension to the challenge, one I don't think I'm up to! Well done.

Dianne said...

the story is so real Carletta! and to do that while keeping the words in order is amazing

the single sentence is also quite the accomplishment

I have a problem with brevity and order ;)

Finding Pam said...

I really enjoyed your stories. I liked the second one best. You must have been an excellent teacher.

I was the shy girl in the front of the class that never spoke a word because I was too scared. Imagine that?

Have a great weekend.

Maria said...

Oh yes, of course, I'm missing winter :))) But your pictures are so beautiful, one might miss winter if one lived in... let's say...India?
Thanks for sharing, and have a nice weekend!

bowledover said...

I love your SWF pictures and the way you have displayed them is lovely.
I also enjoyed your story very much I sense your empathy with the story.

Stromgol said...

Nice pic

quilly said...

I can't even seem to muster enought thought for the challenge, let alone doing the words in order! You provided a good, cohesive story in a short amount of space, too. I am impressed!

Space Mountain Man said...

I don't get it, and I'm super smart.

Anonymous said...

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Richard said...

I found myself looking at a few cheerleaders' Pom Poms back in high school as well. It comes with the territory. Good story.

Erik Eblana said...

Hi Carletta,
Great storyline and excellent use of the words and phrases.
And thanks for dropping by my blog.
All the best from Ireland
PS Love your playlist...a wee nod to the homeland

rickismom said...

Nice offering , and picture is nice as well!