Sunday, March 16, 2008

More Glimpses Around the Yard

Yesterday I spotted a cardinal in my backyard. I think there is a nest in my wisteria vines; so I'm keeping my distance so as not to disturb him and his mate. By the way, did you know the cardinal was named by early American settlers after the Catholic Cardinals who wear bright robes of red?

The sun tried so hard to shine; but rarely
peeked through the gray clouds.

This pic is an I SPY for you. Can you find the fellow from my post a few days ago? At least he looks like the same little woodpecker who had so much trouble hanging on in the snow. On this day he wasn't having as much trouble finding his

More blooms! The crocus seem to be having a hard time popping up with all that tangled mess in my flower beds.

Having moved in the summer I hadn't seen the spring blossoms.

What a lovely surprise on a dreary day!

The birds are out, the rain is sprinkling, and the blooms are emerging from the earth ~ it might as well be Spring!!!


Old Wom Tigley said...

Beautiful birds those Cardinals.. I have one as my Desktop picture from Kerri who's linked from my blog. I spotted the bird on the branch.
I like the way you edge your pictures, something I might try if you don't mind. I have got many ideas from fellow bloggers.
I was pleased to have just read you comment about the cottage and views on my blog today. If there is anything you would like meto look out for or to do a post on I will do my best.
Catch up again soo

Rue said...

I'm itching for spring myself. Lovely shots :)
Oh and you should blog about your collections!
Have a beautiful Sunday,
Rue :)

fishing guy said...

Carletta: Really nice signs of springs with the crocus picture. We were foggy and gray here also.

Tara said...

Your pics are looking just gorgeous--what are you doing to make them so professional looking??

Carletta said...

Tom: By all means. Your photos are gorgeous though.

Tara: I have a looong way to go for professional - it is something I'm taking my time with. I appreciate the comment. I'm glad folks are liking them.

George Townboy said...

Awesome series of pictures ... and text. Makes me miss living on my ranch for some reason!

b13 said...

My wife pointed out a male and female Cardinal in my yard yesterday. And I'm happy to say that even though we had to take down the two biggest trees in my yard, all the birdhouses seem to have been reoccupied.