Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mail Pouch barns are historic barns painted between the years of 1890-1992. They were advertisement for the West Virginia Mail Pouch Chewing Tobacco Company in Wheeling. They can be found in at least twenty-eight states and as far west as California. Many are listed as a National Historic Landmark. They have been documented and given an ID number. I did some research today and found that “my barn” is numbered 48-54-02. Initially farmers were paid one to two dollars a year for the ads. I’d say that was awfully cheap advertisement for the tobacco company.

I grew up seeing these scattered about the landscape growing up here in West Virginia. I know many are falling into disrepair or simply gone. Years ago when I lived in Virginia and came back for a Fourth of July holiday I even purchased a photo at a local arts and crafts fair. The photo used to hang in my den and is currently still packed in a box from my summer move.

I am fortunate to see the pictured barn on my trips into “town”. At the end of this Sunday’s afternoon drive I tried to snap the picture as best I could. Yes, while driving. Shhh....don't tell.
It sits on a hill and there’s no place to pull off. So not having time to find and get permission to enter the property and as I had to have one, this photo will have to do for now. It just seemed fitting that I should take it to go along with my other photos on Sunday’s little drive. As the weather warms and I find myself "on the road again" I hope I come across more of these old structures to (better) photograph and share.

Tomorrow's post will be a Wordless Wednesday photo of one of my finds and Thursday I'll introduce you to an animal I did not expect to find down a country road. Hope you continue to stop by as I unravel my thoughts about my Sunday afternoon on the road.


fishing guy said...

That picture brings back so many memories of childhood. There was almost nowhere you could drive that you didn't see that advertisement. Sometimes that was the only side of the barn that was painted.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Great picture of the Mail Pouch barn! Another one you see alot is "Visit Rock City".


Tara said...

I had no idea about the barns, nice to know!