Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Still A Winter Wonderland

This was the scene just off my front porch this morning. When it snows I'm like a kid in a candy store. I love it. I like watching it float down and swirl and nestle in the crooks and crannies of the trees. The peaceful silence turns the brown bare earth into a beautiful glistening landscape. It is a joyous feeling, so calm and serene.

On a really happy note the deer are back. I have watched the deer roam the property for the past few months. My dear husband was feeding them corn until we left for the birth of our Grandchild a few weeks ago. I thought too that the hunters would scare them all away. I was sure they would wander on to other feeding areas while we were gone. The first few days we were back home it seemed that was true. But alas, they're back! This little buck came looking for food during the snowfall this morning. This little Bambi-ish creature made my morning as I watched him cavort in the snow.


fishing guy said...

Carletta: I love the picture with the deer. Would you try to get a broadside picture of him and the others deer that come to visit. It looks like you have the same amount of snow that we do up North.

Carletta said...

Fishing Guy:
I have lots of pictures taken in the fall. The light this time of year hinders a good picture, but I try just about everyday. I'll post a good one when I get it.