Sunday, January 20, 2008

Isn't She Lovely....Isn't She Beautiful

Becoming a Grandma hadn’t been at the top of my list of life achievements. Besides, it wasn’t something you could do on your own. Other friends always seem to point out that they couldn’t wait to be a Grandma. I couldn’t for the life of me understand that yearning. When I first found out my daughter was pregnant I still wasn’t ready. I was in the process of moving some 500 miles away to begin a leisurely life of living in the country in this autumn of my life. Some months later I have a very lovely and beautiful Grandchild. No one can ever prepare you for having children. Until you have one of your own it’s hard to describe to someone the bond that happens that makes you one with that child. Equally, no one could have told me the impact a Grandchild would have on me. I was in the delivery room when she was born, heard her first cries, and immediately was in love. I watched my daughter hold her for the first time. As she looked at her baby I saw in her eyes the bond between mother and child begin. A new bond was there too for the two of us. It is that bond that tugs at my heart today as I sit at my computer some 500 miles away wanting to hold and cuddle this new life I have been given to love and cherish. God has blessed us and in his blessings life has indeed come full circle.

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fishing guy said...

Carletta: What a beautiful baby.
I understand exactly what your saying with the first. I had a hard time calling myself Grandpa with the first Grandchild. Now I'm proud to be called Papa.