Saturday, November 17, 2007

Take Me Home Country Roads

Where the Blacktop Ends

I was born and raised here in West Virginia. However, after college my husband took a job with the government in Norfolk, Virginia and we moved away. For years he always said he would someday move back to WV when the time came for him to retire. I don’t think anybody believed him not even me. We lived in the Tidewater area for over thirty years. This past spring it came time to retire. So, we sold our home, traded “professional wear” for jeans and T-shirts and came back to our roots. Our new home is off the blacktop road you see in the header above. By the way, the name of that road has the word bend in it. We truly are Round the Bend. As you travel round that bend and out the ridge a little ways the blacktop ends to the right and a long gravel driveway takes us home. Home where life is a little simpler and slow paced; a place where wild turkeys and deer cross the back of the property on a daily basis and if I time waking up just right I can usually hear a wild hawk screech outside my bedroom window as he flies overhead. There’s an old cliché that says you can’t go home again. Well, maybe you can.


fishing guy said...

Great little post. I liked the idea of returning to a place you loved.

nomore said...

Beautiful pictures ! I love this country road ! I love John Denver...and i love his Take me home country roads too ! I'm getting to love your blog too !!