Monday, November 12, 2007

Do You Know Lucy?

I stayed up late last night watching old MASH reruns and was soooo' sleeping in this morning when the phone awakened me from some blissful dreamtime. When I said hello an elderly woman replied Lucy? To which I responded with no you must have a wrong number. Mind you, I recently moved and had only had the number a mere three months. It was MINE! She proceeded to ask me my name. In this day and age I don't give out much information on the phone because "you can't be too sure." How did I know she wasn't some kind of con artist! Remember I was still half asleep but I wasn't going to be dumb either. I politely asked her the number she had dialed which indeed turned out to be my number, area code and all. I had to tell her yes this was the number but there was no Lucy. Almost to herself she said, well, I don't know where she is and again repeated the number. I again said it was mine. The next thing she said made me smile and my heart go out to this dear old lady ~ "Do you know Lucy?" Of course, I had to say no and sleepily hang up the phone.
When I remembered later this morning I checked my caller ID. The number she had called from was the same number that had come up two or three times before that I hadn't recognized and I had found no messages on my answering machine. Whoever she was she has been with me all day and brought me a day of smiles. As I've gone about my daily chores I can still hear her voice. It's not an elderly woman I picture though, but Desi Arnaz and his heavy accent saying "Do you know Lucy?" If the number comes up again I know I'll pick up the phone, say hello, and see where the conversation goes.
Here's hoping your day has been filled with smiles!

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nomore said...

I only know the ole.........I just remined the ole Beatles......their the ........" Lucy in the sky with Diamonds"...........If it might from the universe....Good Luck for your voyage !