Thursday, June 18, 2009

Litter Camera

Time for a Nature Note this week. A couple of weeks ago I took photos of my closed up yucca plant (here). This week I was standing at my dining room window trying to get some pictures of a little bunny munching on the clover in the yard (photos soon to come) when I noticed the yucca was beginning to bloom. I snapped a shot of it through the window thinking I would go out later and take some shots. I've been busy this week and that didn't happen so I used my photo software to create a little impressionist painting for you. All of those buds in the background have all since burst into bloom!Michelle of Nature Notes has also taken over hostess duties for Thinking Green Thursday and I saw something this week that made me realize how far environmentally we haven't come in this country.
Bear with me here for a moment.
Years ago it was practice to bury loved ones near the home place. My husband's family did just that dating back to his great grandparents time. This past Friday we went to visit that cemetery on family owned land. When I tell you it is in the middle of nowhere, believe me, it is in the middle of nowhere. It is a good twenty miles back into a forested area. Don't get me wrong people still live there as evidence of utility poles suggest; but, they are few and far between and you mostly have to go up little gravel offshoots of the road to find them. Imagine our surprise when we rounded a turn and saw this sign.
When I was growing up there was always a litter campaign on TV. Many of you might remember the lone tear sliding down the face of an American Indian. I remember signs stating $500 fine for littering. They're still around. What is sad is that all these years later after my youth we still have to be concerned about litter and illegal dumping. Some folks just can't seem to take care of their trash and unused items properly.
Now I didn't see any cameras or illegal dumping at this spot; but with this amount of fine posted would anybody dare to chance it?
Camera or not, the sign, thankfully, seemed to be a deterrent.

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ramblingwoods said...

Hi Carletta...I think that the two memes work really well together. If you even need a bug ID, you can upload a photo to BugGuide.Net and they are very helpful with IDs..I love the yucca. It's true, people still leave trash, dump paint and oil without pause as to what it might due to the environment. Great post...Michelle

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photo...Isn't it sad that people cannot respect this land of ours. But as you say, at least the sign that is up might be a deterrent. Wonderful post my friend :)

quilly said...

I was the president of an environmental club as a teen. We had a massive campaign to stop litter, and folks would tear down our anti-littering posters, and toss them on the ground.

Your flower is lovely and is a positive bit of green!

Nessa said...

The yucca flower is beautiful.

Last year, I took pictures of an old family plot from my father's father's side of the family just to document the site. The graves are so sunken at this point, some missing the grave stones, that you can no longer tell they are graves unless you know where to look.

Unknown said...

Beautiful painting you made for us!
And litter camera, I wish there were more of them over here, sigh.
People never learn.

Sounds like an interesting place to live.
I don't like to see my neighbors too much and would hate to have a house where they can look through the kitchen window and see what I'm cooking from their living room.

Melli said...

I remember when you posted that Yucca! I loved it! It's still pretty now too! (or then... whatever!)

Litterbugs drive me nuts! People SHOULD take care of their own mess. But my daughter and I have noticed recently that parks are starting to not put trash bins out ANYwhere -- they are forcing people to take their trash back home with them! And for the most part, I think that really is working! When the bins were there, they would get full to the max, spill over and trash was everywhere! Now there are no bins, and we don't see an ABUNDANCE of trash. You still get the trash that the teenagers leave -- but even that is obviously not as much as they were leaving to spill over the bins!

You know - if there is a camera there, it probably looks like a bird in the tree or a leaf or something!

MaR said...

Yucca blooms are more than beautiful! I enjoy it very much when mine blooms :)

Litterbugs are a plague, and they are all over the world...unfortunately!

Sherrie said...

My Yucca is also just starting to bloom. It amazes me people don't pay more attention to litter signs. What's more amazing is that after all the years of ad's and signs they still throw litter out!! It is really disgraceful. Have a great day!!


Carver said...

That's a beautiful blossom. I agree that it's sad that littering is still a problem. I well remember the campaigns you mentioned and sadly things haven't changed as much as they should have since then.

SandyCarlson said...

A beautiful plant.

I think ever generation needs to learn for the first time the don't litter message. So many folks are into their own thing that they don't care what they destroy. Really, it's about empathy. A lost art in some parts.

Twisted Fencepost said...

That yucca bloom shot is beautiful!
Nothing gets under my skin more than to see someone throw garbage out a car window. Such laziness!

Bird said...

That yukka bloom is gorgeous - so pure and waxy looking!

It breaks my heart that people can go to a beautiful and remote place and see only a good area to dump their rubbish. Makes me want to track every one of them down and pour that trash right back in through their windows.

Pappy said...

Yucca, The name sounds like the flower might not be pretty - not the case. Too bad those cameras probably can't identify the violators because their license plates are so bent up or covered with mud. Glad it seems to be working though. Pappy

Pat said...

Beautiful job on the yucca photo.

I don't get the whole littering thing - it drives me crazy! Especially people who dump their car ashtrays right on the street! I even hate to see cigarette butts tossed out a window! If I'm driving behind someone who throws something out their window, I want to race up beside them and yell a few choice words - which I'd do if I weren't such a wuss! LOL!

Neal said...

I've always like yucca plants. When I was growing up my mom had one in our yard and I can remember thinking it was so pretty when it bloomed.

MyMaracas said...

I've never understood how people can throw trash out the window or dump things by the road. I would imagine the idea of a camera and a $25,000 fine would make even the most careless litterbug think twice.

Your flower photo is lovely! It really does look like a painting.

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