Saturday, March 14, 2009

Raven's Saturday Wordzzle Challenge

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Time again for Raven's Wordzzle. Anyone new to the challenge can go here for more information.
This is my mega challenge with all fifteen words:

Beau and Laura had met in college their sophomore year. As it happened Beau’s fraternity was holding a fund-raising event to help purchase a new Wizard 500 Telescope for the science department and Laura’s sorority was holding a walk-a-thon to benefit a local school that had experienced a salmonella outbreak. They had met while standing in line at the Office of Student affairs to get the final approvals needed for their organization’s activities. At first they had a luke warm reaction to each other but over the next few weeks soon found themselves drawn to each other like Esther and Ben Hur.

Now in their junior year they found themselves on the way to the Sugar Bowl with a few of their best friends all of whom were wearing brand new cotton T-shirts proclaiming their school’s team as number one!

This trip was going to be a challenge for Beau. He wanted to ask Laura to marry him. He and his fraternity brothers had cooked up an elaborate scheme for a proposal. An invitation for Laura had been sent ahead by snail mail a week earlier to the hotel where they would be staying. It would be given to her when she arrived in her hotel suite. It would invite her to attend a reception after the game to purportedly help surprise Beau with a prestigious fraternity award. However, when she arrived at that destination only Beau would be present and dinner would be an intimate setup for two with lots of sparkling cider which was Laura’s favorite drink.

Beau was sure Laura loved him and would say yes to becoming his wife. He could almost bank on that. What he wasn’t sure about was her reaction when he would tell her he wanted to drop out of college and become a master carpenter. He’d just have to wait and see. He didn’t have time to be melancholy. It was his turn to drive and it was a long way to New Orleans.

And, look who's back!

Yes, they are finally back in my neighborhood. I had been lamenting that everyone had seen them but me. Finally on Wednesday morning there they were.
I just love to sit and watch them cock their little heads and listen for worms and my, oh my, don't they grab them quickly!
I couldn't get very close so this isn't as clear as I'd like it to be so I had to play with the image just a bit. Today on my photoblog I have posted this image with some dry brush effects that I'm liking pretty well. If you have time I invite you to go have a look.
Carletta's Captures
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quilly said...

I already met Mr. Spring on your other blog. I very much enjoyed this story, but I am left wondering, did she say yes? Did he quit college and become a carpenter's apprentice? Will this and all of our other burning questions be answered on next week's Worddzle?

Akelamalu said...

Your story just flowed so beautifully - well played m'dear. :)

Dr.John said...

A great college romance with such an open end. So many questions to answer. My kind of story.

bettygram said...

I am also wondering about the unanswered questions. I have not seen a robin yet. I do not think they like below zero weather.

Raven said...

Brava! Brava! A mega and a love story. Well done! I'm sure she will say yes and be fine with his ambition.

I saw a robin yesterday too! So happy. Didn't get a picture. My windows are TOO dirty for anything.

Finding Pam said...

What a lovely story. I too have questions about the ending. I hope you will reveal the answers soon.

Richard said...

A flowering college romance and real life robins. Very nice.

Dianne said...

what a sweet romantic story

and Mr. Spring looks fabulous

juliana said...

a lovely romantic story... i hope we'll get some questions answered at some other time...