Saturday, October 4, 2008

Raven's Saturday Wordzzle Challenge

Many thanks to Raven for hosting the Wordzzle Challenge. Click on the badge to visit her site and to read other participants stories. There you can grab the words and check out the guidelines and even try your own hands at writing a coherent paragraph with Raven's words.
Give it a try. We would love for you to join us next week!
This is my offering for the mini challenge:

Julie knew she had blatantly been ignoring her cholesterol. She wondered if constricted blood flow was responsible for her imagining a poltergeist of the Birdman of Alcatraz staring at her from the window of the washing machine.

This is my first attempt at the mega challenge:

It was Sunday afternoon after a night at the Rainbow Cactus which was the town’s hottest new gay bar when Johnny strolled into the kitchen to find his roommates gathered around the table
“Well, good morning sunshine, Andy teased. “It’s nice to see your smiling face.”
“He looks more like a poltergeist to me. Adam retorted. “It’s probably that plethora of suitors he had.”
Johnny blurted. “You’re just jealous because you and Brad broke up.”
“What!” Frankie exclaimed.
Tattletale!” Adam cried at Johnny. “Sometimes I wish you were mute!”
“Don’t be so lovelorn. Go turn the washing machine to the spin cycle and sit on it. That will calm you down a bit.” Johnny laughed.
“Where are the Cheerios?” Andy asked. “I have been trying to watch my cholesterol.”
“They’re on the fridge.” “Honestly, if you weren’t so myopic.” Thomas huffed without even looking up from the book he was reading.
“You don’t even know what that word means.” Andy retorted.
With his face buried in the refrigerator Johnny called out, “Yes, he does he’s a homogeneous.” They all burst into peels of laughter.
“What are you reading?” Andy asked curiously.
“It’s about the Birdman of Alcatraz.” Thomas replied with militant shortness.
“It’s better than those poltergeist stories he was reading.” Adam interjected.
“Every time he couldn’t find something he was sure we were being haunted by Liberace.
I think he’s just flighty.”
Rolling his eyes Thomas put his book down and asked the group, "So how was the drag show last night?”
“I loved it and the techno music always makes me feel digitalized.” Andy replied with a huge smile.
“What are you a TV?” Adam asked. “I wish you had a mute button.”
“That attitude is blatantly why you are single.” Johnny replied. “You need to get laid.”
“You’d think with that cornucopia of delicious men he’d have at least got some digits.” Frankie replied.
“Yeah, then he could have felt digitalized too.” Johnny retorted as the group again broke into a round of laughter.


Raven said...

I just loved that second one. Homogeneous was wonderful. Brilliant, in fact.

Congratulations on the Mr. Linky break-through. Yippee!

Raven said...

Oh - by the way - this probably is odd, but I really wanted to post something about the debate but I wanted my sister to be there more. Silly. I may post something tomorrow. Not sure yet.

Akelamalu said...

You did a great job on both, loved them!

Clarence said...

Oh, your mini challenge is perfect and very funny! ;)

Heather said...

I enjoyed reading your mega challenge,I'll have to try to expand mine so it's more fun to read. great work on the mini. Have a great day.

Dr.John said...

Great job on both. The image of a poltergeist as the Bird Man of Alcatraz is fantastic.
The second one makes a great story .

Melli said...

Your mega is absolutely hysterical! I can just sit on top of the refrigerator and watch and hear all of this taking place! Tooooo funny!

Dianne said...

"Homogeneous" !!! LOL Brilliant

I really love the way you write dialog. So natural and so much fun.

the washing machine line made me laugh - when we were kids my brother used to say "go sit and spin" whenever he was annoyed with me ;)

becky voyles said...

I really liked the 2nd story, Carletta. You are getting very good at this. I would never had dreamed to write such as this one.

Jay said...

Outstanding dialog! Just loved it!

Jeff B said...

Getting digitalized and homogeneous..


rolling on the floor

snorting and laughing

Chatty said...

Your mega is PRICELESS! Those boys...

And, I love the pictures of the fawn above, and your choice of song to accompany them ; )

pabees said...

LOL! Just got in to ready some of the Wordzzles and yours was great! I posted late this week.

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