Saturday, September 6, 2008

Raven's Wordzzle

It's Saturday and time for Raven's Wordzzle. Each week Raven gives us a number of words to get our creativity going and we use them in a short coherent paragraph. The words given to us from Raven are in blue.

Make sure you click on the logo above to visit Raven and the other players this week. You'll find lots of imaginative uses of the words involved.

Here is my offering for the mini challenge:

Aidan had spent the better part of the afternoon at the Jurassic Park bar sitting on a toadstool shaped seat having a very long liquid lunch. So liquid in fact that he had begun imagining being home in manacles with the gorgeous redhead seated at the other end of the bar. He wasn't so far gone yet not to remember that she was with the drummer of the band Counting Sheep that was playing that screeching tune in the far corner of the room. For now he'd keep his daydreams to himself. He wasn't about to get whacked over the head with a set of drumsticks. His head was already hurting enough as it was. No, this was one daydream that would have to wait.

And, my offering for the ten word challenge:

Marjorie sat at her laptop watching the falling leaves float gently by the window. She used a Popsicle stick to scoop caviar from the can in front of her. She knew it was said you should use a suitable utensil of gold, horn, or wood. Well, the stick would have to do. Besides, she could scrap every last bite from around the inside of the can. Yes, it seemed almost decadent but she had a taste for its luscious flavor and nothing else would deliver the pure satisfaction. Maybe it would help pacifier her so that she could make a logical decision about her upcoming vacation. She had been surfing the WEB trying to decide between going to Alaska looking for grizzly bears or to Jamaica to lie in a lounge chair beside a fusion of sand and sea. A long leisurely vacation was a two year old dream just waiting to be fulfilled. She had saved every penny she could to make the dream a reality and now with money to spare in the bank she felt invincible. Invincible maybe, crazy she guessed for snacking on expensive caviar!


Raven said...

These are GREAT! I think the first one is my favorite. Wish I had thought of Counting Sheep as a band name. Well done. I added you to Mr. Linky.

Akelamalu said...

Oh you did a great job with the words. I liked them both but the first one was definitely my favourite it just flowed!

Melli said...

Indeed! I was thinking the same thing about the pricey snack! I enjoyed BOTH stories! It really amazes me how we all come up with such DIFFERENT tales using the same words!

Jeff B said...

My vote would be for the vacation in Jamaica. Liked the fusion between sand and sea.

Anndi said...

Good for him, he kept his wits about him... drummers really are quite unpredictable!

A vacation in Jamaica sounds far more appealing than Alaska... wild things live there!

Dianne said...

Ahhhh I like Marjorie

and the first one had some really creative names in it plus I loved the image of toad stool bar stools.

great work!!

Richard said...

The Jurassic Park bar with toad stool bar stools was great. Drummers can be the most violent members of the band. It's all that banging and beating on the drums.


Kay said...

I would love to hear a band called Counting Sheep… it would have to be punk and have a love of the ironic… and of course what ironic punk band would be complete without an angry drummer?

Loved them both!

Chatty said...

Oh, excellent - you and I thought alike in areas of BOTH stories - what fun. Dare we say "great minds..."?
Or maybe just "sick puppies" who like decadent treats ; )
I also notice from your bio that you like to bead. So do I. I have some pictures of a few projects on my blog under the "beading" heading if you ever have a moment. And, thanks for your encouraging words about my first Wordzzle.