Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shadows in Sunshine, Reflections in Raindrops

As I sat at my computer in the sun room last week I could glance out at the deck on the other side of the nearby glass doors. The rain was intermittently falling between bouts of sunshine. Spring was upon us and I'm sure if it were possible I could have sold bottled sunshine to those looking for brighter days!

On this particular day I noticed the patterns of the deck railings and posts as they made shadows in the sunlight on the deck's surface. Then the rain would fall. The wet surface then reflected those same posts and railings. I found I liked the wet look the best. It seemed clean and fresh. The green of the yucca plant just beyond the rail glistened. I loved the contrast between wet and dry. The railings and posts stood steadfast rain or shine.

It promises to be another rainy day here today. But then, it is spring. The spring rains must fall to make the earth green again and bring forth new growth. It's a necessity of life.

As much as I wish I could, I can't sell bottled sunshine and we aren't promised sunshine without raindrops. What we can do is accept the day that is given, rejoice in its sunrise, bask in its glow, cheerfully accept its inevitable raindrop, and give thanks at sunset that life goes on rain or shine.


Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi Carletta
I laughed this morning reading your comment for me.. ;O)
I like both of these, the fact you have not had to go out and look far but found the beauty of a sight you see often and could have easily overlooked. I also like the rope edges on these.. thats something I might try...
Thank for all your visits and comments I appreciate the time it takes and the time you give.

George Townboy said...

I am overcome with goosebumps! This is a beautiful post. And, when you figure out how to bottle the sunshine, I'll be your first customer.

Great photos, too!

fishing guy said...

Carletta: Your deck certainly shows your shadow work perfectly.
We finally had some sunshine yesterday but we are back to grey skies again and the weatherman used the snow word. I would settle for 50's and above freezing.

Rue said...

I love it when the wood fence outside is wet, so I know what you mean... it just looks cleaner, fresher... (is fresher a word? LOL) I love how you find the beauty in things :)

Have a beautiful sunshiny day!
Rue :)

CrazyCath said...

Beautiful words to accompany the photos. Poignant thoughts and the shots are great too with the shadow / reflection. I see what you mean about the freshness of the wet.

Over from David's blog.

Debbie in NC said...

Carletta, thank you for visiting! Oh, hon your header is absolutely gorgeous! Everyone's photos look better than mine! I don't think anyone minds a novice here :)

How in the world did you do those frames around your pictures? I love the look!

The moon is beautiful...and your words...

Daryl E said...

Ah its pretty rain or shine .. I imagine the view is as well

David sent me

Daryl E said...

Ah its pretty rain or shine .. I imagine the view is as well

David sent me

Momma said...

Wonderful post and photographs! I needed the lift -

David sent me...Peace - D

Akelamalu said...

I popped over from David's to read your 'post of the day' and it brought a smile to my face. Please, please send me some of that sunshine - all we have here is rain! Loved your post.