Monday, March 31, 2008

I've Been Tagged - Ten Random Facts About Me

Think back to your childhood. Do you remember playing the game of tag? You and your friends would gather together and one person was designated as “It”. That person had to try and catch someone else, tag (touch them) and make them “It.” I have been tagged in a different sort of way in the land of blogging. Rosanne over at Firefly Nights has tagged me to post 10 weird random facts or habits about myself. After giving you my list, I'm supposed to tag five other's to play along.

Here are 10 random facts about me:

  1. I love the smell of vanilla. I especially like the scented lotion from Bath and Body Works. I'd rather wear this scent than any perfume.
  2. I'm a TV junkie! I love Lost, Boston Legal, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars...well, you get the picture!
  3. When I was in college my roommate dated a foreign student for a few years. He and his buddies couldn't pronounce my name so they nicknamed me Charlie. Shortly thereafter a new perfume came out by that name with really cool commercials. The company line about the perfume was "it is rose and sandalwood with a touch of grass." Huh? They didn't say what kind of grass and it was the 70's!! The commercial touted "she's a Charlie Girl." With my nickname I had to have some. I thought I was indeed a "Charlie Girl." Hey, what can I say - I was young and impressionable.
  4. My last school position was teaching computers to students in grades K-5. I saw every single child in the building. Almost 600 students passed through my classroom door each week. It's a wonder I'm still sane!!
  5. I'm a published author. Ok, so it was a college literary magazine with a couple of my poems in it along with a lot of others. But hey, I can say I'm published - can't I!
  6. I was once a PTA President, a Girl Scout leader, and a Cub Scout leader - all at the same time. Can I just say all that volunteering really did bite me in the butt!
  7. I love to read books. I read Nicholas Sparks for romance; John Grisham for courtroom drama; and Janet Evanovich for pure hilarious fun.
  8. I make beaded jewelry with gemstones, crystals and glass beads. People have even paid me money for some of my work. Imagine that! That is a wonderful feeling knowing somebody else likes and appreciates what you've done.
  9. I've traced my family geneology history back to the 1700's. I found I am a little bit Scotch, French, Irish, and a touch of Native American Indian. Multi-cultural I am!!!
  10. I love music. My favorite line is from a 1965 hit by Lesley Gore: "Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows - everything that's wonderful is sure to come your way..." If you're still reading and still with me that's what I wish for you my dear readers today - sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows.

    Now that I’ve completed my list, I am supposed to tag five more people to play along. I have loved the time spent trying to find the right facts about myself to share with you and I thank Rosanne for making me think! It has been fun for me. But, it is a challenge. So big a challenge in fact that I am going to cheat (sorry Rosanne) and leave this open to anybody reading who would like to accept it and take the time to play along. If you decide to accept the challenge – that sounds like a line from Mission Impossible – then remember to let me know. I’d love to see what I don’t know about my blogging buddies!


George Townboy said...

OMG!!! I think we're relatives!!

I never participate in challenges ... at least, I never have. Sometimes I make up random things about myself just to be funny. Here's a response to your ten, maybe with a real fact or two about old George, lol.

1) Oooo, I like that.
2) Dancing With The Stars is awesome!
3) Some kids couldn't pronounce my name ... they called me Lord! True!
4) That's insane!
5) So am I, every time I click publish, right? LOL ... you can write, that's obvious.
6) Crazy Mamma!
7) I read, when I'm not goofing off.
8) No crafts for me, but I can see that you are talented just by the way you 'publish' this blog!
9) I opened with the answer to this one!
10) I love Lesley Gore!

Thanks for the insight into Charlie's life, lol. I appreciate it.

fishing guy said...

Carletta: Thanks for all the info. My Sister-in-laws nickname was Charlie. You know I watch the same shows on TV.

Debbie in NC said...

Hey Charlie! Yes, I wore that perfume! We have TV habits in common! I don't think I have the patience to teach. I tend to assume they already know what I'm talking about and I can't go into detail. LOL

I still watch fireflies at night. We used to (sadly) smush them and put the light on our ears, make rings! Mean...not that I think about it!

I'm still not sure why I'm watching Lost. Could be Sawyer or the Doc!

Great post!

Tara said...

so nice to read facts about you--computer teacher, author, girl scout leader--you go, girl!

kathi said...

Hey Charlie! it's nice to meet you :). I came by way of Rosanne. I love your 10 things, it's so interesting to read these and get to know you better :).

Rue said...

Hi Carletta!!

I missed you and your wonderful blog too! I really look forward to seeing what you will post next :) I loved learning more about you and some of those things really surprised me. I'm not surprised that you were published though. I'm surprised you haven't been more than that.

Wonderful post!
rue :)