Sunday, March 9, 2008

Winter Antics

We had a beautiful snowfall yesterday. I sat at my sunroom window and watched the silent flakes swirling and swirling. It was just one of those days to sit back and watch nature put on one of its most calming shows. I went through the house pushing the curtains back so that the stark whiteness of the landscape would be in my every view. As I pushed back the first living room curtain I thought I saw something on the ground outside. Edging closer to the window I saw this woodpecker with its beak trying to peck through the snow to get to the ground. I rushed to get my camera thinking it would be in vain.
To my surprise I returned to find him still pecking away with the snow whipping past him in the wind. Look closely and see the snow on this head. He practically buried himself. As I watched he hopped onto a nearby tree trunk. I felt so sorry for him. He appeared to be hanging on for dear life; his feathers puffed out in an attempt to keep warm. You can tell from my picture it was not a day fit for man or beast in the early March snowstorm; but, this little bird and his antics sure made my morning.


Rue said...

Hi Carletta :)
I love those pics of that little guy (or girl)! How cute is that?! I keep trying to take pics of my animals and they just do not want to cooperate with me, so I'm impressed that you could take these of a wild animal :)
I'm glad you think I'm doing a good job. I appreciate the complement :)
Have a great night!
Rue :)

Anonymous said...

It looks like a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker woodpecker. It was mighty cold when we got the blizzard here in Ohio. I am sure the bird made it though as they are better suited to this weather than we are.

And I also liked your story about the one-room school house. I went to one of those. And my mom went to Spice Lick School in Summers County West Virginia.

BeccaDink said...

Hi Carletta -
I come by way of Laura and B12. I'm sitting here looking at your snowstorm and wishing I were there!! I live in southern Texas where snow is a legend we only hear stories about. :)

I love your picture of the wood pecker!!

George Townboy said...

I love this shot of the woodpecker on the tree trunk!

fishing guy said...

Carletta: What was that woodpecker doing on the ground?

Old Wom Tigley said...

What a great capture, and also a great sight to see.