Thursday, February 28, 2008

Who REALLY visited my yard on Wednesday morning?

"I realized that Eastern thought had somewhat more compassion for all living things. Man was a form of life that in another reincarnation might possibly be a horsefly or a bird of paradise or a deer. So a man of such faith, looking at animals, might be looking at old friends or ancestors."
~William Orville Douglas
While I have never studied the Eastern religions and have no concept of what Douglas is saying, it is something I have thought about over the years. My first experience happened upon the death of my youngest brother many years ago. He died as a result of a car accident. It was the night before his funeral and I prepared to go to bed. The house I grew up in had an outside cellar with a room built over the top. Since the house was full my husband and I were sleeping in that 'extra' bedroom. When I went out the backdoor to ascend the steps to the cellar room I shone my flashlight up to the top. There in the open yard above was a red fox. At first I was stunned and then paused. You see, my brother used the name "The Red Fox" as his CB radio name. I had struggled for days at his being in a coma and then finally having his life support removed. For me this red fox was a sign that he was ok, wherever he was.
Years later before my Dad died I traveled all night from Virginia to West Virginia to get to the hospital where he had had a heart catherization . When I got to the hospital in the early morning my oldest brother told me that he had been up all night with Dad. He had had a bad reaction to the anesthesia. My brother said it was like he was deer hunting. He would say there was a deer here and there over and over through the night. On my drive through the night there had been groups and groups of deer along the highway just past the car headlights. There was not one just here and there, but two or three at a time and sometimes on both sides of the road. My husband and I had remarked it was the most we had ever seen. It was very unusual. After hearing my brother tell about Dad, I wondered if he had been with me the whole way.
And then, something else happened after Dad died when my Mom came to visit me. Of course on this trip she was alone. When Mom and Dad would come visit me Mom usually drove. Dad was older and he got nervous in traffic so for the most part Mom did the driving on the long trip. My Dad would sit and look out the window and on numerous times when he arrived at some point in conversation he would tell me how many hawks he had seen in the trees along the roadway. I have since picked up his habit of looking for them and am always amazed at how many I can spot. I think my trip from Virginia last week I spotted around twenty. They have tremendous eyesight so stopping to get a picture proved almost impossible. But back to Mom's visit. She and I were sitting on my backyard patio talking and we both heard a screech. Looking toward the back yard we saw a hawk fly from one of the tall pine trees. Never before had I seen one in my yard. Never. Moving back to West Virginia a few months ago I caught sight of one soaring at the edge of the woods just off my deck.
If you ever watch psychic Sylvia Browne on the Montel show you know she believes that those who go before us sometimes visit. She always says to pay attention to what you would not ordinarily see or least expect.
I don't know if any of this has meaning or truth, but if God or the angels send us signs I think I've received a few in my lifetime and I continue to keep my eyes and my mind open to the possibilites of what lies beyond.


fishing guy said...

Carletta: Those have to be hard memories to share. Thanks for allowing us to share your insights.
Who knows what wonders God shares with us.

Happy Dog House said...

I agree that some things are meant to be signs. When my father died and we were returning home from the funeral, a group of blackbirds lined the fence in front of us. One by one they flew across our path as if on cue as we drove up the driveway.

My mother's grandmother clock (the smaller version of a grandfather clock) stopped the morning my father died and it has never worked since.

And, as we returned home from my mother's funeral, we drove toward one of THE most beautiful sunsets that I have ever seen. I think it was meant to welcome her home.

You have a most interesting blog and I will return to read more in the future. But, if I'm not being rude, could I make a small suggestion? You write such beautiful words but since you don't use paragraphs it is so hard for the reader to give them the attention they deserve. One is constantly trying to retain their place in the long list of type and it's easy to miss some of what you say. And, that would be a shame because what you write is very meaningful.

You might also want to check your blog settings and enable at least Open ID so that other than Blogger users are able to comment on your blog -- if you want more comments. I usually go by Firefly Nights and my blog is at
but I can't sign in to leave a comment on your blog using this ID the way you have your blog set up. You won't find anything at the Happy Dog House profile because I don't use it right now, but it was the ONLY way I could leave a comment on your blog.

I do hope I haven't offended you because my intent is to make your blog easier to read and to be able to come back again and leave comments without having to resort to a Blogger only ID.