Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sunday at Grandma's

Mary, over at Little Red House, commented this past week that she brought spring into her house by searching the cabinets and cupboards for her “flowers.” She has so many wonderful vintage dishes that she shared. One was a Homer Laughlin plate with a gold edge and flowers in the middle. It immediately got my attention and I was sure I had something very similar so off to my own old pie safe I went. Sure enough my memory had not failed me. I have a platter with almost the identical edge, but without the flowers in the middle. It belonged to my Grandma. When she passed away I was lucky enough to acquire a few special pieces. If we went to my Grandparents house on Sunday for dinner, or any other day for that matter, the dinner was always the same – fried chicken, pinto beans, and biscuits – a truly country dinner. The chicken was served on this platter. It is stamped Keystone and Canonsburg Pottery Company. It is worn and even stained. This particular platter isn’t valuable in the collection sense; but it is priceless as far as memories go. A special thanks to Mary for jogging my memory of Sunday dinner at Grandma’s.


fishing guy said...

Thanks, memories of your grandma are special to share. I'm glad you have the plate as a reminder.

On a different note from your music player, Phil Stacey was on the country radio station last week and he is tied in with Disney. He will be putting out an CD in the near future.

Carletta said...

Fishing guy:
I'll have to tell more about Grandma in a later post. Lots of good memories.
Thanks for the update on Stacey. I'll have to check that out.

Mary said...

You are very welcome! I cannot imagine what it would be like to live outside of memories -- in a brand new house, with all new things, and not a single aide-memoire.

Your grandmother's dish is priceless. :)

Tara said...

Mary has had the same influence on me--I've been pulling things out of cabinets I have not really looked at in awhile, she just so appreciates what she has and makes us do so, too!
Love your blog-it is so homey!

Carletta said...

Thanks - homey is good!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Carletta, You take beautiful photos and I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Sunday dinner at Mom's was always fried chicken too ~ Lynn