Thursday, January 31, 2008

The "Kiss"

Tuesday night as I sat at my computer the howling winds whipped ferociously around the house. If I hadn’t known it was warm and raining I would have imagined blowing snow piled high in drifts upon the landscape outside. Before going to bed I stood at the sunroom window listening to the wind. In the stream from a neighbor’s porch light I could see a trash can tossed about by the wind’s fury. For weeks I had gazed at the barren branches of the oak tree outside this window and marveled at how they seemed to reach searchingly toward the skies. On this windy night my thoughts darkened fearing the wind might bring some of those branches pounding to the ground. My trepidation wasn’t relieved once I had gone to bed. The gate on the porch pounded deafening blows against the railing. Its hook had been torn from the wood in its struggle to stay latched against the wind. Wednesday morning I wasn’t sure what I would find behind the storm’s path. Walking to the sunroom I noticed through the window that indeed a couple of small dead branches laid sprawled under the oak tree. My surprise was what I saw on the patio table. Looking at my photo you’ll see the “kiss” my mighty oak left me as if to say “what were you worried about.” I remembered the old quote about the mighty oak starting as a little acorn. Just by chance in searching the Internet I found an article entitled In Worship of Trees by George Knowles. In the article he speaks of how the oak tree was used in worship long before the Druids gave prevalence and significance to other trees and it is believed the first tree created by God was the oak. He discussed the so called protective qualities of the tree. Most interesting to me was his statement that carrying a small piece of oak on your person will bring about a sense of security and well-being as well as protection from harm and that acorns placed on window ledges protect from lightening strikes. I’m not one to believe in ancient Druid customs or protective quality of trees and other things. However, the little present from MY mighty oak gave me pause for morning musing.


fishing guy said...

Carletta: I saw a small Buckeye that was left on the ground by the squirrels today. I would of taken a picture earlier if I had read this but it will be under the snow tomorrow. Great post, thanks for sharing.

Mary said...

What a lovely post! And how perfect is that acorn?!