Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bambi Comes Calling...with friends

My post on Tuesday was about the deer that roam across my back yard almost on a daily basis. The photo I shot Tuesday was of this buck searching for food in the snow. Yesterday afternoon as I sat making homemade Valentines I saw him run past my window. I grabbed the camera thinking I would probably miss him. It was evident something had scarred him because the deer usually wander slowly around the yard nibbling on acorns or the corn my husband sometimes puts out. I was surprised that he had stopped just past my window view so I was able to snap a good shot. The sun was shining brightly so even though I took this through the dirty window I think it came out pretty good. As you can see, on this day, Bambi, brought some friends along for my watching enjoyment. Today's post is for Fishing Guy who asked if I could get a broadside view of the deer. So if you're reading this Fishing Guy - enjoy!


fishing guy said...

Carletta: Thanks, what a great picture. It was nice of him to bring his harem along for the picture. You got a terrific broadside picture of the young buck.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

How beautiful they are! Do they bother your garden in the summer?