Wednesday, January 23, 2008

An Award...For Me?

I guess this is where I give my acceptance speech. :) Sally Field and her "you like me, you really like me" remarks come to mind. I truly have to thank my blogging friend over at Fishing guy was the first to comment on my blog and he's been a faithful reader ever since. I deeply appreciate the award nod. It's nice to know someone likes what you do. Having only started my blog recently I'm honored to say the least. With this award I'm supposed to do two things. The first being that I have to give three pieces of advice to all you bloggers out there. I've learned so much from everyone else; I hardly know what good advice I can give so I've asked some 70's friends for a little help.

Carletta Friends give advice about what to blog about:

1. What's Going On...from, Marvin Gaye
2. Show and Tell...from, Al Wilson
3. Let your love flow....from, The Bellamy Brothers

The next part is easy. I am to nominate five other deserving bloggers for this award. And the nominees are:
Nan's blog is wonderful and she has such a range of interests. I enjoy "sitting on her porch " daily. Whether it's a receipe for Sheperd's Pie, remodeling, or Valentine's Day cards I know she'll have something interesting when I stop by.

Penny is a wonderful mosaic artist and owns her own studio. I am always in awe of true artists and Penny is no exception. Her works are beautiful. Her blog is a delight and a real visual treat.

Lynn too has her own boutique. There are many vintage items that I love. I have my eye on her little girl dresses made from old hankerchiefs for my new little Grandchild.

In Mary's words from her profile - "I am a 50-something reluctant housewife (I'd rather be an international supermodel or a forest ranger or a jockey)" I like that kind of humor.

5. Patty Van Dorin at
Patty has an eclectic blog filled with scrapbook journal pages, photos, journal pages, and song lyric journals.

Yes, I'm sure you noticed these are women bloggers. My favorite male bloggers, Fishing Guy, Rick Lee, and Jedijawa have already been nominated but my hat's off to them as well.

Thanks Again Fishing Guy!!!


fishing guy said...

Carletta: Your acceptance speech was more then worthy of the nomination. You know I enjoy your posts and will continue your walk through the blogging world. Great advice on blogging.

Mary said...

Thank you so much for nominating me -- I'm truly honored. I'm suffering from a little writer's block on the advice, so I guess I'm a writer after all. LOL
I'll be passing it along soon. Thanks again,