Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jack Frost Nipping.....

I woke up early this morning just after dawn. When I looked out my bedroom window with my eyes still a little clouded with sleep I almost thought it had snowed . The ground was white and fog drifted through the bare trees. What looked like a small dusting of snow was actually a heavy frost. It is almost noon now and the sun has pretty much burnt off the dew except where the house is still shaded. I took the pic from my front porch. The dew covered ground always reminds me of my Grandma. I spent a lot of time at her house growing up and in the winter it was cold at her house. Her and Grandpa didn't have central heating. The whole house was heated by one lone gas stove in the living room. At night when we went to bed it was under any number of blankets and quilts to keep warm. I still remember one cold morning when the dew was very heavy and the windows frosted over that she said Jack Frost would get my nose. It was the first time I heard this little story. She talked about the frosted windows and how he had "painted" them. When Grandma talked about something she loved her eyes twinkled. I suspect the Jack Frost story must have been one of her own favorite fairytales. Many, many years later Hallmark came out with a Jack Frost ornament that I had to have. Each year when I put it on my tree I think of my Grandma and those cold winter nights spent at her house in my flannel nightgown underneath a pile of handmade quilts and the make-believe story that to this day tugs at my heart. I hope too that last night Jack Frost painted a little trail in Heaven just for my Grandma.

......Hanging above Jack Frost on my tree is my Virginia Tech Hokie Snowman. Maybe Grandma can put in a good word for the upcoming Fiesta Bowl. :)

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Derek said...

Yes, it was very frosty this morning. I just got home from work...I had to go to Virginia Tech and drive my boss's car back from the airport. It took four hours!! Oh well, the money's good! :)