Monday, December 17, 2007

A Gift of Money

My two nephews are past the toy buying age for Christmas. After they became teenagers it became harder to buy something for them so I have always given them money. Usually I find the funniest money cardholder I can find and present it to them in their stockings.This year I wanted to do something different. I searched the Internet and found some things but I was pressed for time and just couldn't decide. One origami site I found they folded ones lengthwise and the "one" part stuck in my head. Looking at what I had in my hand I did the simplest thing I could. I just folded all one dollar bills (yes, my hands got tired) so that the word ONE was showing. Then I stacked all the ones together and enclosed a small tag that read Jesus is the "One" Reason for the Season.

I then stacked the money in a cute Christmas box and tied it up with ribbon. My nephews had fun opening their little packages and seeing what Aunt Carletta had come up with this year. We laughed and had a lot of fun.
Sometimes, for some, Christmas becomes "all about the gift." I'm glad a found a little way to share with my nephews the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

Notice: Look, up there, up at the header. It's back! Many thanks to my sweet, sweet daughter for making my day! Love you Cindy!!!!


Mary said...

Dear Carletta,
Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog. No, I am not a writer, but I was an English major in college, and was a copy editor for a short time.

What a great idea for your nephews' gifts -- so unique and thought provoking, too!

Have a wonderful CHristmas!

PS: your header looks great!

Derek said...

Well, it may have taken me a little while to figure it all out, but it was a neat gift! :)
Thanks again.

My excuse it that I was so full of good food I couldn't think clearly!

By the way, I'm making you a tussy mussy for Christmas...hope you like them!

Derek said...

Thank you for your visit and for your kind words!! I am glad you got your header back!! I started blogging in June and I have no clue how to fix that sort of stuff!! Blessings, Grams